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Applicant Tracking Software
Harnessing Human Capital. One System. No Limits.

The Recruiter's Ally relationship management and applicant tracking system (ATS) platform provides all the resources you need to help manage recruiting, transition and on-going employee relationship management. Take advantage of our experience and give your on-boarding process a wake up jolt.

Organize the details with Recruiter's Ally.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Recruiter's Ally Cloud Solution

We host the server and the software application so you don't have to. It's easy, reliable and secure.

A Managed Recruiting Platform Service

Manage your pipeline from new contact to satisfied employee.

Resources at your Fingertips

The Recruiter’s Ally relationship management and ATS platform provides all the resources you need.

Demo Before Purchase

We welcome you to see an online demo and test-drive the Recruiter’s Ally ATS software solution. 


““Recruiter’s Ally assists our team members to improve productivity and accelerate their business development milestones. Its robust feature set makes Recruiter’s Ally eRM a very powerful productivity tool for our recruiters, transition managers and home office employees. The end result will be improved service, happier team members and rapid return on our IT investment.”

Bradley Fay, Chief Administrative Officer and head of Business Development.


Ready to find out more?

Read to find out more? We are here to help. Simply reach out and tell us your recruiting software requirements and we'll respond with a great team approach to help you be successful in your recruiting process management.

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