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Resources at Your Fingertips

The Recruiter’s Ally relationship management and ATS platform provides all the resources you need to:

  • Manage applicant contacts in the “funnel”

  • Navigate the staffing, applicant and on-boarding process

  • Track contacts, profiles, notes, activity dates

  • Empower you to do your best

  • Stay ahead in a competitive world

  • Use the Web for staffing

  • Pull it all together for a team approach to recruiting

  • Keep the pipeline full

  • Utilize a single source for information

  • Know more, work smarter, achieve success!

Training in Use of Recruiter's Ally- An Investment in Improved Business Income

Do you want to grow your business and increase your team income? Statistics show that most recruiting professionals only use about 20% of the features of Recruiter's  Ally.  Recruiter's Ally is a comprehensive recruiting CRM solution that includes recruiting, on-boarding management, e-mail lists, campaign lists, custom user fields and interest fields, note-taking with date and time stamps along with pipeline reports and importing and exporting of lists for instant data retrieval. If you are interested in learning more about the features you might not be using in the software, please contact us to schedule a fun and easy training session; it's only $100 per hour and has a great return on investment of time in improved business outcomes. We look forward to hearing from you!

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